General surgery
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PS°Goutpatient clinic hours AM08:30(ShaLu 09:00)°„12:00°BPM14:00°„17:30(ShaLu 17:00)°BPM18:00°„21:00
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Shalu 3 Morning Yung-Wei Chiu (OFF)
Afternoon Hsin-Fan Wang (STOP)
Shalu 31 Morning Yun-Chiu Yang (STOP) Ping-Tsun Lai (STOP)
Afternoon Tsai Chin-Hung (OFF) Yun-Chiu Yang Yen-Fu Lin (STOP)
Shalu 32 Morning Cheng-Lin Tsai Wen-Cheng Hsu Wan-Ni Tsai Cang-Ci Chen (STOP)
Shalu 35 Morning Chung-Wen Chen Hung-Yi Hsu Shu-Yi Chen Chi-Chiang Yang (STOP)
Afternoon Chi-Hsun Lien (OFF) Hung-Yi Hsu
Shalu 51 Morning Chang-Hsu Chen Tien-Yu Tseng Shi-Min Yang (STOP)
Shalu 52 Morning Cheng-yu Hsu (STOP)
Shalu 53 Morning Chih-Tsung Liu Wai-Fai Tung (OFF) Kwen-Hsiung Chen (STOP)
Afternoon Bao-Tzung Wu (STOP)
Wuci 101 Morning LIEW BOH KOON Lien-Fu Lin LIEW BOH KOON Cheng-yu Hsu (STOP) Pi-The Huang (STOP) Lien-Fu Lin (STOP)
Afternoon Lien-Fu Lin LIEW BOH KOON LIEW BOH KOON (STOP) Lien-Fu Lin (STOP)
Night Lien-Fu Lin LIEW BOH KOON (STOP) Cheng-yu Hsu (STOP)
Wuci 102 Morning Cheng-yu Hsu (STOP) Chung-Cheng Liu Pi-The Huang (STOP) Yen-Chang Li (STOP) Chung-Cheng Liu (STOP)
Afternoon Chung-Cheng Liu Pi-The Huang Yen-Chang Li (STOP) Chung-Cheng Liu (STOP) Pi-The Huang (STOP)
Night Pi-The Huang Chung-Cheng Liu
Wuci 103 Morning Yen-Chang Li Ming-Yang Tsai Shu-Yi Chen (STOP) Ming-Yang Tsai (STOP) Yen-Chang Li (STOP)
Afternoon Ming-Hung Tsai Ming-Yang Tsai Yen-Chang Li (OFF) Yen-Chang Li (STOP) Ming-Yang Tsai (STOP)
Night Yen-Chang Li Ming-Yang Tsai (STOP)
Wuci 105 Morning Chi-Chiang Yang Chung-Wen Chen Wai-Fai Tung (OFF) Chi-Chiang Yang (STOP) Chi-Chiang Yang (STOP) Wai-Fai Tung (STOP)
Afternoon Wai-Fai Tung (OFF) Chi-Chiang Yang Wai-Fai Tung (STOP) Chung-Wen Chen (STOP)
Night Chi-Chiang Yang Hsin-Fan Wang Chung-Wen Chen Wai-Fai Tung (STOP)
Wuci 106 Morning Hung-Yi Hsu Hsin-Fan Wang Chung-Wen Chen Chung-Wen Chen (STOP) Hsin-Fan Wang (STOP)
Afternoon Chung-Wen Chen (STOP) Chi-Hsun Lien (OFF) Hung-Yi Hsu (STOP)
Night Chi-Hsun Lien (OFF)
Wuci 107 Morning Chi-Hsun Lien (OFF) Chi-Hsun Lien (OFF) Hsin-Fan Wang Chi-Hsun Lien (STOP) Shu-Yi Chen (STOP)
Afternoon Chi-Hsun Lien (STOP) Shu-Yi Chen
Night Shu-Yi Chen (STOP)
Wuci 110 Morning Tsung-Ming Chen Tsung-Ming Chen (STOP) Tsung-Ming Chen (STOP)
Afternoon Tsung-Ming Chen Ming-Yang Tsai (STOP) Tsung-Ming Chen (STOP)
Wuci 116 Afternoon Hui-Shan Chen (STOP)
Night Hui-Shan Chen (STOP)
Wuci 117 Morning Tsai-Kun Wu
Wuci 129 Morning Kwen-Hsiung Chen Chih-Tsung Liu (STOP)
Wuci 130 Morning Chun-Yi Li Kwen-Hsiung Chen Chun-Yi Li Ren-Fu Liu (STOP) Chun-Yi Li (STOP)
Afternoon Chih-Tsung Liu Kwen-Hsiung Chen (STOP) Chih-Tsung Liu Chun-Yi Li Ying-Tsung Chen (STOP)
Night Chun-Yi Li Chih-Tsung Liu
Wuci 131 Morning Cheng-Sheng Lin Chien-Jung Chang Bao-Tzung Wu Chien-Jung Chang (STOP) Chien-Jung Chang (STOP) Cheng-Sheng Lin (STOP)
Afternoon Bao-Tzung Wu Cheng-Sheng Lin Chien-Jung Chang (STOP) Chien-Jung Chang (STOP)
Night Bao-Tzung Wu Chien-Jung Chang (STOP) Cheng-Sheng Lin (STOP)
Wuci 132 Morning Ren-Fu Liu Ren-Fu Liu Chien-Jung Chang Chih-Tsung Liu (STOP) Bao-Tzung Wu (STOP) Bao-Tzung Wu (STOP)
Afternoon Kwen-Hsiung Chen (STOP) Ren-Fu Liu (STOP)
Night Ren-Fu Liu Kwen-Hsiung Chen (STOP)
Wuci 153 Morning Kuo-Shu Chen Kuo-Shu Chen Sheng-Han Cheng Sheng-Han Cheng (STOP) Kuo-Shu Chen (STOP)
Afternoon Kuo-Shu Chen Sheng-Han Cheng (STOP)
Night Sheng-Han Cheng Kuo-Shu Chen (STOP)
Wuci 154 Morning Ming-Che Ou Jun-You Shen Ming-Che Ou Jun-You Shen (STOP) Jui-Ting Yu (STOP) Jui-Ting Yu (STOP)
Afternoon Quan-Yi Wei Ming-Che Ou Jui-Ting Yu Ming-Che Ou (STOP) Jun-You Shen (STOP)
Night Ming-Che Ou Jui-Ting Yu (OFF) Jun-You Shen (STOP)
Wuci 155 Morning Wang,Shyanher MD.PHD
Night Wang,Shyanher MD.PHD
Wuci 157 Morning Chih-Ming Chen Chih-Chuan Kao Chih-Ming Chen Kuo-Hsi Lin (STOP) Chih-Chuan Kao (STOP)
Afternoon Kuo-Hsi Lin Chih-Ming Chen (STOP) Kuo-Hsi Lin (STOP) Chih-Chuan Kao (STOP)
Night Kuo-Hsi Lin Chih-Ming Chen Chih-Chuan Kao
Wuci 158 Morning Ya-Chiung Chu Tsai-Kun Wu Ya-Chiung Chu Ming-Chang Yin (STOP) Ya-Chiung Chu (STOP) Ping-Tsun Lai (STOP)
Afternoon Ping-Tsun Lai Ping-Tsun Lai Kuang-Hui Chiu (STOP) Jai-Nien Tung (STOP)
Night Tsai Chin-Hung Ya-Chiung Chu (STOP)
Wuci 159 Morning Chi-Der Chiang Rong-Tsung Lin Ming-Chang Yin (STOP) Yun-Chiu Yang (STOP) Yen-Fu Lin (STOP) Fang-Chuan Tai (STOP)
Afternoon Ming-Chang Yin (STOP) Yen-Fu Lin (STOP) Yen-Fu Lin (STOP) Ming-Chang Yin (STOP)
Night Yen-Fu Lin
Wuci 160 Morning Yen-Fu Lin Tsai Chin-Hung Tsai Chin-Hung (STOP)
Wuci 163 Morning Ying-Tsung Chen (OFF)
Wuci 201 Morning Tsai-Kun Wu Hung-Ping Chen Paik-Seong Lim Hung-Ping Chen Hung-Ping Chen (STOP) Mary-Ann Pe (STOP)
Afternoon Hung-Ping Chen Paik-Seong Lim Shiaw-Wen Chien Chia-Ling Chang (STOP)
Night Chang-Hsu Chen Hung-Ping Chen (STOP) Mary-Ann Pe (STOP)
Wuci 202 Morning Tien-Yu Tseng Yuan-Chuan Kuo Chang-Hsu Chen Shiaw-Wen Chien (STOP) Yuan-Chuan Kuo (STOP) Chang-Hsu Chen (STOP)
Afternoon Ken-Hu Chang (STOP) Tien-Yu Tseng (STOP) Tsai-Kun Wu (STOP)
Night Tien-Yu Tseng Yuan-Chuan Kuo Shiaw-Wen Chien (STOP) Tsai-Kun Wu (STOP)
Wuci 203 Morning Jui-Min Chen Cheng-Lin Tsai Cheng-Lin Tsai Wan-Ni Tsai (STOP) Jui-Min Chen (STOP) Cheng-Lin Tsai (STOP)
Night Cheng-Lin Tsai Cheng-Lin Tsai (OFF)
Wuci 205 Morning Wen-Cheng Hsu Wan-Ni Tsai Jui-Min Chen Wen-Cheng Hsu (STOP) Wen-Cheng Hsu (STOP) Wan-Ni Tsai (STOP)
Afternoon Wan-Ni Tsai (STOP) Wen-Cheng Hsu (STOP)
Night Jui-Min Chen Wan-Ni Tsai Wen-Cheng Hsu (STOP)