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PS°Goutpatient clinic hours AM08:30(ShaLu 09:00)°„12:00°BPM14:00°„17:30(ShaLu 17:00)°BPM18:00°„21:00
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(Saturday) (Sunday) (Monday) (Tuesday) (Wednesday) (Thursday) (Friday)
Shalu 51 Morning Chang-Hsu Chen (STOP) Tien-Yu Tseng Chang-Hsu Chen
Wuci 158 Morning Tsai-Kun Wu
Wuci 201 Morning Chang-Hsu Chen Mary-Ann Pe Tsai-Kun Wu Hung-Ping Chen Paik-Seong Lim (OFF) Mary-Ann Pe
Afternoon Hung-Ping Chen Paik-Seong Lim Shiaw-Wen Chien Chia-Ling Chang (STOP)
Night Mary-Ann Pe Chang-Hsu Chen Hung-Ping Chen
Wuci 202 Morning Yuan-Chuan Kuo Hung-Ping Chen Tien-Yu Tseng Yuan-Chuan Kuo Chang-Hsu Chen Shiaw-Wen Chien
Afternoon Tsai-Kun Wu Tien-Yu Tseng
Night Tsai-Kun Wu Tien-Yu Tseng Yuan-Chuan Kuo Shiaw-Wen Chien