The large intestine Colorectal cancer
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PS°Goutpatient clinic hours AM08:30(ShaLu 09:00)°„12:00°BPM14:00°„17:30(ShaLu 17:00)°BPM18:00°„21:00
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Wuci 102 Morning Chung-Cheng Liu
Wuci 103 Morning Yen-Chang Li (STOP) Yen-Chang Li (STOP)
Wuci 108 Morning Hung-Che Huang Ying-Tse Chang
Wuci 154 Morning Jun-You Shen Jui-Ting Yu Ming-Che Ou (STOP)
Wuci 168 Morning Chi-Yuan Yeh (STOP)
Wuci 169 Morning Keng-Kuang Lai (OFF)