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Obstetrics and Gynecology


The department of Gynecology and Obstetric has dedicated its resources to becoming an internationalized center as well as providing quality services to its community.
A strong team of 8 well trained and experienced physicians in various fields, and a well equipped center with cutting edge medical devices to provide top quality services ranging from prenatal check up, infertility consultation to surgeries.
The department of health has awarded our hospital with the certification of “mother-baby friendly organization”, which recognize the dedication of our team to provide the best environment to our patients.


◎Infertility and endocrinology:
A certified infertility and endocrinology center by the department of health, we are proud to serve patients with consulting services provided by well trained personnel, and a team of professional physicians, as well as the most advanced medical equipments and technology in reproductive science to provide services ranging from planning, examination to treatments. We are ready to assist you to achieve your goal.
◎Gynecologic oncology:
We provide the top-notch services in oncology diagnosis and treatments, which meets the high standard of medical centers. With the dedication on prevention diagnosis, treatment, and follow-ups, our goal is to provide the best services with profession and perfection.
◎Urogynecology and pelvic reconstruction:
Provide complete and thorough assessment, diagnosis, treatment, consultation and medical care to patients with urinary incontinence and pelvic floor problems, also work closely with urodynamic laboratory to advance our medical services.
◎Obstetrics and high risk obstetrics:
Provide thorough assessments and medical treatments to mothers with high-risk pregnancy and complications; also work closely with pediatricians to ensure the health and safety of both mothers and babies.
◎Screening services: it’s important to receive vital screenings throughout the pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby.!!!

Item weeks detail charge
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Screening 10-12 weeks 1、The Spinal muscular atrophy is a potential fatal genetic disease, this could occur at any age ranges from new born to adult.
2、The genetic test is recommended for those who are planning to get married, to conceive a child, or are pregnant with a baby.
Down’s syndrome Screening 15-20 weeks Down’s syndrome is a chromosomal normality commonly seen among babies. If the blood screening done for mothers under the age of 34 indicates high risk, the Amniocentesis will be scheduled. 2,400NTD
Amniocentesis   1、For pregnant women at the age of 34 or above.
2、for pregnant women who are diagnosed with or has the evidence shows the following condition:
(1)Oneself or spouse with genetic diseases.
(2)Birth to an abnormal child.
(3)Family history with genetic diseases.
3、The serum screening with the chromosomal abnormality rate greater than 1/270.
4、The ultrasound screening indicates the possibility of fetus abnormality.
1、$7,000NTD for anyone at the age of 34 or above, or with a report indicates abnormality
2、$9,000NTD for anyone under the age of 34.
Diabetes glucose tolerance test 24-28 weeks 1、Applicable to all pregnant women, especially for those who are overweight, with a family history of diabetes, or with any of the following situation: fetus that is larger than usual, Polyhydramnios, and the history of unknown fetus death.
2、For any pregnant women with pregnancy diabetes that are not being diagnosed and taken proper care of, which could lead to giant baby, difficulty at birth, or neonatal diseases.

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Kim-Seng Law
Dr. Kim-Seng Law
Specialties: Da Vinci Robotic Assisted surgery、Prenatal check-ups, eugenics consultation, chemotherapy, laparoscopic operation, menopause hormone therapy, diagnostic colposcopy, hysteroscopy, gynecological examination, and Pap smear.
Dr. John Hsu
Dr. John Hsu
Specialties: general gynecology、obstetric、gynecologic cancer
Dr. Chen-Lung Chien
Dr. Chen-Lung Chien
Specialties: Infertility (in vitro fertilization), endoscopic operation, gynecological operation, Pap smear, prenatal check-ups, high-risk pregnancy, and eugenic healthcare.
Dr. Tien-Yung Wei
Dr. Tien-Yung Wei
Specialties: Prenatal check-ups, amniocentesis, gynecological tumor, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic operation, treatment for uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, and menopause treatment.
Dr. Yung-Ling Chang
Dr. Yung-Ling Chang
Specialties: Da Vinci Robotic Assisted surgery、Infertility (in vitro fertilization), Obstetrics, amniocentesis, abortion, Pap smear, menstrual disorder, laparoscopic operation, and gynecological operation.
Dr. Wen-Sheng Wang
Dr. Wen-Sheng Wang
Specialties: In vitro fertilization, Assisted reproductive technology, , Infertility treatment, gynecological operation, Pap smear, prenatal check-ups,eugenics consultation, and high-risk pregnancy.
Dr. Chun-Chen Hsu
Dr. Chun-Chen Hsu
Specialties: Da Vinci Robotic Assisted surgery、Gynecologic cancer, gynecologic tumor, endoscopic surgery,
operative hysteroscopy, and urinary incontinence surgery.
Dr. Yue-Yuan Lee
Dr. Yue-Yuan Lee
Specialties: Gynecology, endoscopic surgery

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