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Physical and mental disorder, depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dementia, schizophrenia, irritation, depression, anxiety, panic, paranoia, delusions, auditory hallucination, neurosis, forced thinking, compulsive disorders, neurasthenia, pediatric psychiatry, adolescent counseling, adult psychiatric, sleeping disorder, insomnia, forgetfulness, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicidal behavior, abnormal behavior, examination and treatment of problems related to behavior, mental counseling, mental therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, trauma treatment, physical and mental medicine, and psychiatry.

Psychiatry whole-day ward:

The department of psychiatry is equipped with the best facilities including individual room, double room and room with three beds.

  • The professional medical team consists of primary physician, nurse, social worker, psychiatrist, and occupational therapist all with great track records, as well as a broad range of medical equipments.
  • Improvement of medical equipment.
  • The design of ward is bright, with excellent ventilation, alone with safe and modern treatment room, protection room, group therapy room, activity room, kitchen, gym, table tennis room, public space and other amenities to offer patients with the best treatment environment.

Psychiatry day care:

The department of psychiatry offers a variety of medication treatments including individual metal therapy, group mental therapy, occupational therapy, as well as to assist the patient to rebuild the ability to conduct a regular life style, and to learn to build relationships, furthermore, we also offer professional ability training accompanying by the resources and economic aid from the society, as well as medication and disease counseling in order to help patients to return back to the society.


Medication therapy, individual mental therapy, group mental therapy, medical seminar, family therapy, training on taking medication, health education, sport therapy, training on daily functions, professional and occupational training, pre-occupation training, art group, reading group, calligraphy treatment, music therapy, leisure skills training group, acting, social skill training, career counseling, expression training group, self-explore group, self-relaxing group and sex education classes.

Main audience and qualification:

  • Chronic psychiatric patient, who is stable and is motivated to receive treatments and rehabilitations,
  • For chronic psychiatric patient who suffers from social withdraw, Job function degradation, and residual psychotic symptoms without posing dangerous behaviors.
  • Geriatric chronic disease in combination with mental and emotional disorder. Patient will be qualified to participate after the evaluation by physicians.
  • For chronic psychiatric patient with self-care ability, and for whom is mental retardation but non-psycho or has behavioral disorder.
  • Family can comply with the treatment plan.
  • For patients who are able to get to hospital and return home either by themselves or with the accompanying of families.

For counseling, please call (04)26626161 Extension 800

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Hsiang-Hsiong Huang
Dr. Hsiang-Hsiong Huang
Specialties: General mental disorder (insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic, emotional distress, schizophrenia, maniac-depressive disorder, dementia, abnormal behavior), psychotherapy, and psychiatric assessment.
Dr. Hui-Hsin Chuang
Dr. Hui-Hsin Chuang
Specialties: Psychosomatic disorders, female psychosomatic health, major depressive disorder, phobia, insomnia, schizophrenia, maniac-depressive disorder, and adjustment disorder.
Dr. Shang-Chien Huang
Dr. Shang-Chien Huang
Specialties: Major depression,Insomnia,panic disorder,obsessive-compulsive disorder,dementia,cognitive impairment,personality disorder,climacteric symptoms,attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder,autism,alcoholism,drug addiction,schizophrenia,delusional disorder,organic brain syndromes,and Huntington's disease
Dr. Ming-Han Hsieh
Dr. Ming-Han Hsieh
Specialties: Major depressive disorder, anxiety, insomnia, psychosomatic disorder, organic mental disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder.
Dr. Chieh-Min Lin
Dr. Chieh-Min Lin
Specialties:  Sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, stress and adjustment, psychosomatic disorders, autonomic dysfunction, hallucinations, delusions, schizophrenia, tobacco addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment, drug addiction treatment, adolescent drug addiction counseling, individual counseling, dementia, mood and behavioral disorders in the elderly
Dr. Wei-Sheng Huang
Dr. Wei-Sheng Huang
Specialties: autonomic dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, adolescent mood behavioral problems, geriatric mood disorder, dementia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, delusion, eating disorder, general psychiatric disorder, consultation

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