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Radiation Oncology


The center of radio oncology established in August 2002 to provide a complete range of treatments.

Devices and equipments for the department of radio therapy:

  1. CT-Simulator:
    The principle of CT-simulator is to utilize the computer scan to acquire important image to assist physicians to determine the location and intensity of treatment.
  2. Linear Accelerator:
    The linear accelerator generates high-energy photon and electron to offer the most proper treatment for different types of tumor and location.
  3. Brachytherapy:
    The Brach therapy, also known as the “the elf for treating cancer”, is a breakthrough technology in cancer treatment. It releases precise and high dose of radiotherapy to target specific tumor spot.
  4. Treatment Planning System:
    The department of radio oncology currently conduct a three dimensional Eclipse treatment system, because the three dimensional technique is being used to plan and process the radio dosage, thus, the more complex treatment plan can be designed, as well as offer the radio therapy with adjustable radio intensity to increase the cure rate and reduce the side effects.
  5. IMRT
    IMRT is one of the most advanced technologies in treating tumors, the radio intensity can be adjusted according to the location of the tumor to minimize damages to surrounding cell, furthermore, and this also increases the cure rate and control rate in treating tumors.
  6. IGRT:
    The principle of IGRT is to utilize a pair of machine arms with linear accelerators installed to detect and locate the location to be treated; this treatment approach guided by images could reduce the time for locating the spot; in addition, the variation of image reading could be reduced with the assistance of computer technology, and hence increase the control rate of tumor treatment.


  • Photon knife radiotherapy for tumors
  • Synchronized tumor chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy with adjustable intensity
  • Cancer pain treatment
  • Cancer screening
  • Cancer nutritional consultation

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Chi-Yuan Yeh
Dr. Chi-Yuan Yeh
Specialties: Radiotherapy for malignant tumor, chemotherapy, pain management in palliative care, as well as radiotherapy for head and neck cancers.
Dr. Geng-Guang Lai
Dr. Geng-Guang Lai
Specialties: SBRT radiation therapy, True bean radiation therapy, three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy, IMRT (Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy), brachytherapy, cancer screening
Dr. Po-Ju Lin
Dr. Po-Ju Lin
Specialties: SBRT radiotherapy, True Beam radiotherapy, 3D conformal radiotherapy, IMRT (Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy), high dose rate remote afterloading brachytherapy
Dr. Lai Tzu-Yun
Dr. Lai Tzu-Yun
Specialties: Raiotherapy for malignant tumor, pain management in palliative care, as well as radiotherapy for head neck cancers.

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