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Advancement in cancer treatment- 1/1/2015 Cancer care program receives SNQ national quality award.

In light of the increasing number of patients affected by cancer, the quality of cancer treatment is more important than ever.
A comprehensive treatment should be implemented using a team approach to carefully evaluate the patient’s need, and the treatment should be tailored for optimal result.
Tungs’ hospital established cancer center to provide a more comprehensive care, resources are consolidated to ensure patient receives the best care quality possible.

Over the past few years, under the leadership of Dr. Liu, a specialist in gynecologic oncology, the center continues to achieve excellence, and continue to excel in every expectation.

In 2015, the center is awarded by Taiwanese government with “SNQ national quality award” for its effective cancer treatment system, which consolidated various functions including prescription, medical record, pathological reports, lab reports as well as cancer case management system to provide physicians with a comprehensive view of all the necessary information when determining the dosage for chemotherapy; the award once again laid a solid foundation for the cancer care team to achieve better care quality.

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