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JCI triennial accreditation-creating a safer care environment

Patient safety and medical care quality has always been at the core at Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital. Not only do we pass strict local accreditations, we also participate in the JCI international accreditation hoping our medical care quality can adhere to even higher standards.In January 2015, we participated in the second triennial re-accreditation, which examine various aspects of health care service, administration and physical environment in a five day stretch.

So far, there are only a handful of hospitals in Taiwan acquired this accreditation, which further emphasize the difficulties and dedications in obtaining such status. This year, the standards were further adjusted to focus even more on patient safety culture, which highlight the importance of patient centered care. All medical care staffs and administrators have to work together to provide the best team based care to patient. Furthermore, they also look closely at the care process; all care processes should be properly carried out and followed by all medical care staff to ensure the consistency of care. The goal is to create a safe and trusting care environment for all patients.

In addition, fall prevention has always been an important issue when it comes to improving patient safety, in addition to monitoring inpatient areas, we also includes public areas and outpatient areas to pay closer attention to the care environment to ensure all possible falls can be prevented. Careful evaluation and education are provided to outpatients, especially for those who are at high risk. We believe that both the health care provider and the patient have the responsibility to understand the best practice in preventing falls.

Patient’s medication history will also be reviewed. By reviewing the medication uses within the past 3 months, physician will have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition and to prescribe suitable course of treatments.

We believe, with a strong focus on improving the medical care quality, and a goal to becoming an international medical center, we will be able to pool together all the resources and talents to provide patients with best care possible.

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