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Minimally invasive hip replacement helps a Korean tourist to resume trip in just 4 days

Taiwan, offers rich cultural experiences and plenty of outdoor adventures, is one of the top destinations for tourists in Asia. Mr. Lee, a 58 year old Korean, is an avid traveler, and Taiwan is among his favorite destinations.

One day, while traveling around central Taiwan at a popular bike path, Mr. Lee got into an accident while riding a bike, which caused hip fracture accompanying by extreme pain and discomfort. Thankfully, there were a few young Taiwanese helped him to call the ambulance, and escorted him to the hospital safely.

After careful evaluation, the Vice superintendent Dr. Shu, who specializes in minimally invasive surgeries, performed hip replacement surgery on Mr. Lee, which allows him to move around the very next day and is able to be discharged after just 5 days of hospital stay. Mr. Lee was able to resume his remaining journey in Taiwan with his sister and to later return to Korea safely.

The friendliness and openness amongst Taiwanese people draws many tourists including Mr. Lee, who was able to get the necessary medical treatment at Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital with the help of international medical center as well as compassionate medical staffs, who worked closely with Mr. Less to ensure all his needs are fulfilled.

According to Dr. Shu, hip fracture is a common injury around hip area, the traditional treatment usually requires a large incision following by slow recovery. The more advanced minimally invasive surgery only requires a few small incisions, which minimize the damage to blood vessels, nerves and muscles, and enable faster recovery. Comparing to long hospital stay, Mr. Lee was able to resume his trip in just 5 days. Mr. Lee is very impressed with the hospitality in Taiwan as well as the advanced medical treatment that helps him to be back on his feet in no time.

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