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Da Vinci Surgery- with a few incisions, patient is cancer and hernia free

A 57 year old patient who had a health examination at the hospital was tested with elevated PSA level, after the doctor’s visit, the biopsy confirmed the patient had an early stage prostate cancer, which could be removed surgically. After thorough discussion with physician to go over the pros and cons of different surgical options, the patient decided to choose Da Vinci Surgical Arm to remove the tumor, which allows the physician to preserve as much nerves as possible while dissecting the tumor. During examination, hernia is also identified, which would also require surgical treatment.

Because both the prostate cancer and hernia located in the lower abdomen, with Da Vinci Surgical system, surgeon is able to operate on both areas with just a few small incisions. Patient was able to move around and started eating the very next day. Patient was being discharged on the fourth day post-op.

Unlike traditional surgery, Da Vinci Surgery only requires a few small incisions, which means less complications and lower risk of infection. And because of the magnifying technology, it enables physicians to preserve as much vital nerves and vessels as possible, it also reduce the chance of blood transfusion. Overall, patient is able to resume normal life faster and also recover faster.

Prostate cancer, the most common urinary tract system cancer among male, is highly curable if treated early. Men over 50 years old are highly recommended to receive PSA test and rectal exam, for those who are at high risk are encourage to receive the exam early starting at the age of 40.

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