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Bring me home-a mission, a responsibility

Riot and anti-government activities continues to break out and is affecting the life of many local people as well as visitors. A 72 year old gentleman, who went to Thailand to provide religious service, was affected with cold that caused confusion and fever. He first went to the local hospital for treatments. However, the condition deteriorated after 2 days of hospitalization, he had developed meningitis and was in a coma, which requires intensive care and intubation.

Family members in Taiwan learnt about the situation and are desperately seeking for ways to get him back to Taiwan for further care. Few of the physicians agreed that the patient is fit for flying while 2 other physicians declined the request, which makes it impossible for the family member to obtain the necessary documents.

The family member got in touch with Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital for a consultation with the international patient transportation service department, after gathering all the necessary medical information, the patient transportation team decided to help the family. After negotiating back and forth with the hospital in Thailand, the other 2 physicians finally agreed to sign the document to release the patient, and the medical team in Taiwan quickly mobilizes physicians and nurses to fly to Thailand.

After receiving the diagnosis and documentation, the team reached Thailand the next day, however, due to the protests and disturbance in Thailand, the local airport was closed, hence, the flight had to be rerouted to land in another airport. With prompt communication with local authority and airport, the team were able to bring the patient back to the airport before it has to be shut down, despite the challenges and time pressure, the patient and the medical team arrived in Taiwan successfully.

Dr. Shu indicated that Mr. Wang was in a serious condition and had to rely on ventilator to sustain his life. But with the advanced medical technology as well as the knowledge and experience the medical team possessed to transport patients who are in serious condition, Mr. Wang was able to arrive in Taiwan safely to receive further medical care. This time, the medical team chose to collaborate with AIDC, and the aircraft chosen for this mission is able to fly directly to Thailand without having to stop for gas.

Every mission has its own challenges, and every time, the medical team and the international patient transportation center try their best to ensure each patient arrives at their chosen destination safely to be with loved ones and family.

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