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FORMOSA SOS / International Medical Transportation

After years of providing unparalleled service to patients around the world, in 2014, the “Formosa SOS” was formally established, the motivation behind the brand is a belief in humanity, a dedication to saving people and compassion for bring people back to their loved ones.

People travel around the world more than ever before, but accidents do happens, and when that happens, we are usually caught off guard, and feeling stranded in a foreign place. Not many hospitals are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to fly patients who are sometimes relying on ventilators or other life support medical devices over a long period of time. The trauma team at Tungs’ Hospital has a strong belief that with knowledge, training, and motivation, they would be able to complete the challenging missions of bring patient back to their home.

Establishing the brand is a milestone for the team, we will continue to put our best effort in helping those who are in need.

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