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    The Imaging Center is mainly aimed at common major illnesses, including all types of cancer, cerebrovascular stroke and cardiovascular thrombosis. We have acquired the most advanced digital medical imaging devices (PET/CT, Multi-slice High-speed CT, 3.0 Tesla MRI, Dedicated Breast MRI) to provide integrated imaging health examination service.

High-level Medical Imaging

    The interior uses warm and cozy colors, and is designed to be a comfortable and dignified space. We emphasize personal privacy, and provide patients with worry-free and humane services.

    For women at high risk of breast cancer, Dedicated Breast MRI can detect potential tumor as small as 0.1 cm. The apparatus has a very thoughtful and comfortable design with a sliding bed for the patient with both breasts placed into a cushioned recess while the examination is taking place. The patient should experience total comfort and a high level of privacy with no fear or pressure.

    The Multi-slice High-speed CT is a non-invasive examination for cardiovascular, hepatoma, and low-dose lung cancer. Unlike traditional examinations, it provides higher accuracy with lower health risks.

    Radiation-free, 3.0T MRI is the safest and fastest 4D imaging technology available. It can provide high-resolution images of all organs, including the nervous system, heart, skeletal system, muscular system, vascular system and abdominal area.

    We have specialists to provide individual reports and explanations, consultation and other health advice in a separate private room. We also offer complete and detailed imaging photo discs, bilingual paper reports and educational reference articles relating to health management.

Multi-Slices  Highspeed CT 3.0 Tesla MRI Dedicated Breast MRI

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