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Preface | Service Principles
  The history of Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital and the founding father--Dr. Jai-Chin Tung

 In 1971, the medical resources were severely deficient on the west coast of central Taiwan. Dr. Jai-Chin Tung, the eldest son of Tung’s family, upon the completion of his studies in National Defense Medical Center, returned to his hometown, Shalu Township. Under the determination to serve those poor and in-need ones in the countryside for acute or general illnesses, he founded Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital.


 During the past 40 years, Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital has expanded from 30 beds to the current 1175 beds. Dr. Tung and his siblings have dedicated themselves to not only serving the community with compassion as well as the advancement of the hospital. All staffs are encouraged to treat patients as their family members and make rounds at least three times a day. We not only offer the state-of-art medical care, but also provide health education to the people in the community to care for the community’s well being.

 Dr. Jai-Chin Tung has become a guardian of health and a spiritual symbol to everyone in the township. Many patients still asked for Dr. Tung whenever they visit the hospital, even when he has become a medical consultant. By seeing Dr. Tung, they already feel relieved from their illness, because they believe deep down that he can cure their diseases and recover soon. Therefore, by seeing his familiar figure gives them a sense of safety and ease. This once again resonance the belief of Dr. Tung to care for patients with empathy and kindness, this is one of the reasons why Tung’s MetroHarbor hospital is able to flourish and serve more people in need.


 The following are something you don’t know about Dr. Tung -the trace of history.

Being eager to make everything better and respecting the precious life, Dr. Tung works hard and strictly requests all the staff in the clinic to treat all patients with no discrimination. He asks his staff to do everything precisely without neglecting their duty and responsibility. Dr. Tung showed his cautious and decisive character and clever movement by treating the patient promptly and positively. He saved lots lives from the brink of the grave, such as trauma with excessive bleeding.

Furthermore, with the quality character Dr. Tung posses such as self-disciplinary also has a great impact on all staff member to do everything responsibly, which established the solid ground for quality care and continuous advancement.

Not only does Dr. Tung treat patients with compassion, he also shows his care for patients through numerous ways, such as remembering patients name and a close interaction with patients.

In the past when the monitoring system was not so widely adopted and used, Dr. Tung has overcome the obstacle by utilizing the function of mirror to monitor each patient in the emergency room.  He firmly believes in the best care can only be achieved through innovative care approaches, effectiveness and passion.


 Dr. Tung is well known for his attentiveness and thoughtfulness to all hospitalized patients, he makes frequent rounds to visit patients, as well as reviewing all medical records before the morning round to ensure that he has a thorough understanding of each patient’s condition. All staffs are asked to pay extra attention to the patients whose condition may have changed. With a close monitoring on patients, a preventative care and cure could be attained to greatly reduce the risk of symptom deterioration.


 Dr. Tung came from a big family of 8 siblings, by being the oldest child of the family; he learnt to share the responsibility with his parents at a young age, which significantly shaped his personality of being responsible and thrifty. These traits are being brought into the work place to establish a good foundation for a successful medical team.

 Upon the establishment of the hospital, there were many young graduates joining the hospital, Dr. Tung provided them with strict and quality medical trainings to not only advance ones capability, as well as to ensure the best care can be carried out by every medical staff. The hospital not only serves as a safe haven for the community, as well as the home to many staffs who works closely with each other like a big family to serve countless patients.

 The care for each other among colleagues also shows through another example, once 10 of the hospital staffs crammed into a mini pickup truck to attend a festival in the neighborhood where a feast is served. After the festival, they took some food for other staffs that were on duty, which really shows the close relationship among hospital staffs and the communities.

 We were the first hospital to waive the deposit for emergency hospitalization, which could avoid financial difficulties that leads to delayed medical treatment. If patients were unable to afford the medical bills, Dr. Tung would try his best to cover the bill for them. Another example, Dr. Tung helped out a young plastic surgeon, Dr. Ma during difficult time, up till nowadays, Dr. Ma is still grateful for Dr. Tung’s help and tells the story to his friends.

 Ever since the Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital we founded, Dr. Tung has always worked hard and constantly reminded all staff that “we should always bear in mind our mission is to save lives and give back to the community”. Because of the hard work and dedication, the Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital could grow and serve the community with the best medical care.

 In order to established a more comprehensive care system, we incorporate more services into our current system, such as the establishment of “Sha Tung Health System”, Nursing home, cultural and educational foundation, and in the future, long term care facilities, medical drug & equipment company and bio-tech are expected to be set up to become a world class medical facility.

Dr. Tung is the Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital's spirit forever!