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A dedication to the pursuit of medical professionalism
A devotion to the care of both “human” and “life”
 For over 40 years, we have kept to the founding principles of our hospital. We are committed to being a beacon of health, promoting a healthy community and guiding the people to a healthy and joyful life.
 Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital is located at the hub of transportation in Central Taiwan, less than fifteen minutes’ drive from both the Zhong-Gang Interchange of National Highway No. 1 and the Sha-Lu Interchange of National Highway No. 3.
 In addition, the hospital is conveniently located near the Port of Taichung, Taichung Ching-Chuang-Kang Airport, and the Taichung High Speed Railway Station. Together, these make Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital easily accessible from air, sea, and land, saving patients travel time.
 This location benefits us in extending our service to both domestic and international patients. We hope our hospital can serve as a lighthouse to bring light and warmth to a greater population.
 Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital was founded in 1971 with the ShaLu Branch, and has since expanded with the opening of the WuChi Main Branch. Over the years, our hospital has become a guardian of health and a spiritual symbol to the community. In recent years, we have been certified by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, as a professional medical organization specializing in “liver and kidney transplants, “endoscopic ultrasound” and “mother-baby friendly care.” In 2007, our hospital was evaluated by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan as a Level 1 Emergency Response Hospital.
 Furthermore, Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital has been approved by many international medical certification organizations. We are not only recognized by the World Health Organization as a Health Promotion Hospital, but also in 2008 we became the first hospital in Taichung to be accredited by Joint Commission International. By meeting the strict standards of JCI, we have fulfilled the global standards of medical quality.
 Over more than three decades, Tungs’ Taichung Metroharbor Hospital has become a benchmark for medical professionalism. With the passion to care for all human life, we continue our pursuit of excellence to accomplish our principles of the respect of life and the promotion of health.
 In terms of our medical structure, leading our outstanding medical teams, we set up the Department of Medical Education and Department of Medical Research under the Medical Teaching Committee. Through the recruitment of medical experts in various specialties, we aim to offer comprehensive medical services, and provide a complete training platform for holding lectures and medical teaching activities to instruct future professionals.
■Overseas Emergency Medical
 In the field of Air Medicine, Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital has always been a pioneer. With the first high-rise helicopter pad, we serve as the base hospital for sea and mountain accidents. Meanwhile, coordination with foreign medical systems has aided the development of our helicopter rescue system significantly. Since September 2007, we have broadened our service offerings with oversea emergency medical evacuation service. We have medical personnel accompany the patient during flight to provide attentive care throughout the entire process. We are recognized and appreciated worldwide for excellent service and effective performance.
 Realizing the role of medical services in a globalizing world, Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital has created an International Medical Service Center. Providing multi-language guidance, we endeavor to offer high-quality, efficient, barrier-free medical services.
 In order to meet the growing demands of the public, and enhance the ability to treat various ailments, we have organized over 10 medical centers to offer more complete and thoughtful care.
■Emergency Center
 The Emergency Center has emergency attending physicians on the front line providing 24-hour acute and critical care. Our trauma specialists are able to reach the hospital within 10 minutes, saving valuable time for patients suffering from critical diseases or injuries. With the most complete medical teams, facilities and wards, we are able to provide immediate treatment to emergency patients.
Emergency entrance   Rescue area   Observation area
Laboratory   Emergency Pediatrics   Pharmacy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center
 Hyperbaric oxygen can increase the oxygen concentration in patient’s blood and tissue to enhance the antibacterial ability of white cells, improve angiogenesis and speed up recovery. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is generally applied to pathological changes caused by vascular obstruction, such as stroke and diabetes.
■Reproductive Science Center
 Our Infertility & Reproductive Medicine Center has outstanding medical teams specializing in reproductive science. Offering the most ideal treatment to infertile couples, our success rate for assisted reproduction reaches 35.7%, which is higher than the global average success rate of 30%.
■High-Risk Pregnancy and Neonatal Care Center
 Our hospital is certified as a High-Risk-Pregnancy Referral Response Hospital to provide friendly and attentive care to pregnant women and their children.
Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic
“Pregnancy Hope” Sky Garden 
Mother-Baby Room
Lactation Room
■Cardiovascular Treatment
 The Cardiovascular Treatment Center has 24-hour standby rescue teams and the latest medical equipment to provide patients with timely treatment. Furthermore, we have provided radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA) for patients with arrhythmia since January 2009.
Electrocardiogram with Treadmill Test
Color Doppler Echocardiography
Cardiac Catheterization Examination
Multi-slice High-speed CT
■Burn Center
 The Burn Center has the best high-efficiency particulate air filter system and central physiological monitoring system operated around the clock. The center has independent operating rooms, hydrotherapy rooms, observation corridors, and playground. Moreover, its independent, isolated air conditioning system prevents the transmission of infections.
■Orthopedics Center
 We have Orthopedics and Neurosurgery doctors, nursing personnel, physical therapists, and health educators working together as a team to provide effective diagnosis and treatment to the public; especially to resolve the trouble of long-term back pain caused by intervertebral disc herniation and sciatica.
■Advanced Health Examination Center
 To meet the demand for the growing aging population, our hospital established the Health Management Center to help the public keep track of their health condition.
 The Advanced Health Examination Center has a comfortable and thoughtful design. The center is an exclusive area separated from the route of normal procedures where patients can complete all health check-ups in privacy. We follow a well-organized examination procedure, and every examinee is escorted by a health management specialist throughout the process.
■High-level Medical Imaging Health Examination Center

 High-level Medical Imaging Health Examination Center has acquired top-notch medical imaging devices to obtain high-resolution images for precise diagnosis. Physicians explain all reports in detail to examinees following their examination.

■PET/CT Center
 The PET/CT Center operates the only open-body device installed with positron emission tomography and computerized tomography systems. PET/CT is a powerful tool for detecting tumors and cancer at an early stage.
■Cosmetic Center
 The International Cosmetic Center has integrated Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetic Laser and Aesthetics Medicine, offering exquisite skin and body care. Moreover, the center is equipped with all types of cosmetic medical equipment to provide comprehensive beauty services.
■Hemodialysis Center
 Our Hemodialysis Center has brought in the latest German Hemodialysis equipment for applications on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. In addition, the center has multifunctional blood separation system to perform plasma exchange, excess blood lipid removal, hemoperfusion, and hemofiltration.
■Child Development Center
 In the Child Development Center, our professional teams assist children with developmental delays or disorders. Through developmental assessments, we are able to diagnose and treat the conditions earlier.
■Cancer Center
 To enhance preventive care for cancer, our hospital has established a Cancer Center to supervise and support our cancer teams. We have different departments working together to offer patients with integrated cancer care. In 2009, we gained certification from the Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health as a Level B cancer care organization.
■The Health Education Center
 In addition to establishing various patient associations, we also provide hospice home care to cancer patients. We hold regular health lectures and related community service activities to foster support and trust within the community.
 The Health Education Center has collected resourceful information on various health topics to provide the public with valuable health concepts. We further provide friendly services, such as health counseling and nutrition education, to patients with chronic illnesses. In 2008, we were selected as the top-ten national diabetes health promotion organization.
 We have always kept to the spirit of respecting life and promoting health to fulfill our mission of providing compassionate service.
 The interior design uses circles and curves giving the space a sense of elegance, warmth, and joy. In our lobby, you can hear melodies of light music, and smell the rich scent of coffee. The hospital caters to all of a patient’s needs, with a bookstore, library, hair salon, convenience store, food court, revolving restaurant, conference rooms, community family garden, and sky gardens within the hospital. With these amenities, the hospital is no longer just a hospital but a recreational public space with easy access to leisure activities and daily living necessities.
 Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital is dedicated to provide quality medical services while adhering to the principles of respecting life and promoting health. With the consistent effort of our medical team and the support of the public, we are able to gradually accomplish our goal of becoming an international medical center. We commit ourselves to this medical profession with passion, and hope this beacon of health can light up every corner of the world.