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 According to the Health Bureau’s statistic, malignant tumor ranked top among all causes of death in the nation. Everyday, an average of 100 people died from cancer due to malignant tumor. PET/CT is the most advanced, non-invasive and the only open-body designed diagnostic device for tumors. Combining positron emission tomography functional imaging and computed tomography anatomical imaging, it can detect tumor more accurately and identify tumor with the size of 0.4cm.
 PET/CT examination can detect the presence of cancer cells, such as for lung cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, head and neck cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, and poorly differentiated thyroid cancer. It can be used clinically to identify cancer cells at early stage, to perform tumor staging and assessment before operation, to do outcome evaluation after treatment or operation, as well as to track for tumor recurrences or metastasis after operation. Moreover, it can perform cancer screening for people with family medical history, abnormal tumor markers, or high risk of having cancer, for cardiac muscle survival, and for neuro-related epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain tumor.
Specialist’s explanation   Restroom
 The benevolent service staff in PET/CT Center will lead the examinee to complete every step of the examination procedure, making the examinee feel safe and honorable. In addition, we have a briefing room in which our nuclear science specialists will do a detailed one-on-one explanation on the examinee’s examination report, consultation, and suggestion for a healthy life. Furthermore, we also provide bilingual documentary reports, photo discs, and educational materials as a reference for the examinee’s health management.
 PET/CT Center has comfortable waiting area, common room, and special personnel to guide your examination procedures. After examinations are completed, our nuclear science specialists will do a detailed explanation on your examination reports in an independent private room. Furthermore, we also provide bilingual documentary reports, photo discs, and educational materials as a reference for your health management.
Benevolent service staff   Bright and spacious lobby
■Examination process:
Check in at the front desk, B3 PET Center, and then change comfortable clothes and sandals.
Measure weight, height, blood sugar, body temperature, and other fundamental information.
Doctor’s diagnosis through interrogation, to understand individual medical history and family medical history.
Rest for forty to sixty minutes after the injection of FDG.
Empty urine before scanning.
PET takes around thirty minutes. To have fine and clear images, patients are suggested to remain still in the process.
Explanation on the examination documentary report.
Examination complete. Leave the hospital.
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