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 The center has integrated abundant health education resources of various departments and specialties. We provide consulting services for health related issues concerning diabetes, asthma, hepatitis, nephrosis, hypertension, palliative care, urination disorder, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, smoking cessation, nutrition and medications.
 To facilitate community access to health related information, we have set up spaces for display, Internet, audio-video, reading, and group health education. At our center, patients and their family members can know more about the causes and symptoms of diseases, as well as different examination and treatment options. On the other hand, visitors can accumulate their knowledge of personal health care and be familiar with the services provided by each department. In addition, health education can prevent the public from believing any false or exaggerated information obtained through commercial advertisements. It helps people realize periodic health examinations and early detections are the best ways to maintain healthy lives.

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