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■Forget who I am. The 10 alerts for dementia

 According to the epidemiology statistics, the dementia rate for Taiwan is 4.4%. If to calculate from the population above 65 years old, there are approximately 90 thousand elders with dementia. However, the number of people being treated is respectively low. Tungs’ hospital Neurology asks the public to care more about the elders at home, not to take dementia as a normal aging phenomenon, and should seek for medical device when feel unusualness.


10 alerts for dementia

 The 10 alerts for dementia are only for reference. If you find any unusualness for elders at home, you may ask our neurology or psychiatry specialists for a detailed diagnosis.


The following are the 10 alerts:

1. Memory loss that affects working skills
2. Often unable to do things right
3. Difficulty in verbal expression
4. Unclear of time and direction
5. Judgment become worse
6. Difficulty in abstract imaging
7. Item misplacement
8. Emotional or behavioral change
9. Character change
10. Loss of motivation

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