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Posted by   Divisions Gastroenterology
Recommend less food but more meals per day. Eat the most at breakfast. Also, have juice, carbohydrate drinks or cookies that can be easily digested.
Take normal or increased amount of protein can help tissue recovery. Take additional fat and protein, or supplement vitamin B1 and C depending on the condition.
Pay attention to the balance of diet input and output, whether there is ascites, edema and loss of intestinal juice, like vomit or diarrhea.
4. Measure weight daily and evaluate the condition of body and liquid uphold.
Arrange various sports to let patients have constructive use of time and energy, build-up self esteem, and reduce anxiety or depression.
6. Wash hands frequently.
7. Use cold water, soda or amylase to shower can reduce itchiness.
8. Keep nails short and wear during the night to reduce scratches and scars.
9. Drink adequate amount of water to prevent constipation.
10. Notify you are unable to donate blood.
11. Important to have continual physical examination and blood test.
Provide information relating disease prevention and infection. For example, contactor should inject gammaglobulin, do not share personal items, should strictly wash hands, do cloth sanitation, dishes and washroom facilities, avoid membranous contact, such as kiss or sexual interactions.
13. Have adequate rest and plan suitable exercise like taking a walk.
Avoid accumulative toxic effect, instruct the metabolism for certain medicines in liver, and discuss the side effects of medicines.
15. Take time to talk with patients, so they can express their feelings.

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