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Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital was established in 1971 by founder Dr. Jai-Chin Tung, a well-respected surgeon who upon completion of training at National Defense Medical Center returned to Shalu, Taichung to serve the community.

Tungs’ hospital was established with a simple mission, to serve those who are in need. Back in 1971 when the hospital was established, the medical resources were scarce and getting prompt treatments was a challenge. Dr. Tung along with his siblings is dedicated to create a safe and efficient care environment that is accessible to local communities.

A care with quality:

Tungs’ hospital has grown from a 30 beds health care facility to a 1,200 bed regional teaching hospital. Locating in suburb area making recruitment more challenging, however, through dedication and a drive to achieve excellence, the hospital is able to recruit well-respected doctors and medical professionals to provide high quality care.

As a teaching hospital, Tungs’ hospital also affiliates with several medical schools as well as nursing schools in central Taiwan. A well-designed teaching program ensures medical residents, fellows, nursing professionals receive the knowledge and hand-on experiences they need to become an independent health care professional.

Tungs’ hospital also acquired the gold seal approval of JCI, the internationally recognized accreditation organization. By adhering to the higher standards of care quality and patient safety, we continue to grow to become one of the most trusted health care providers in Taiwan.

A focus on patient safety:

Patient safety is one of the most important parts in patient care, from the moment patient enters the hospital, they are often exposed to various risks including infection, risk of fall, and medical errors. We understand the importance of creating a system to minimize those risks in order to improve patient safety.

For medication safety, we have the advanced medication packaging machine to ensure the correct dosage and sanitation.

For fall safety, we have updated facilities, and continuous educations for patients, family members as well as staff on the various aspects of fall prevention. Fall injuries have often caused serious and unnecessary injuries. Hence by preventing fall, we are able to greatly enhance patient’s ability to recover from illness.

Hand hygiene is the foundation of good medical practice; nosocomial infection can often be prevented if hand hygiene is being followed by health care professionals as well as patients alike. We continue to educate staff and patient on the importance of proper hand hygiene. Together, we are able to create a safer care environment.

A vision to achieve excellence:

Achieving medical care excellence is at the core of hospital development, by affiliating with top medical centers around the world, we are able to provide the best training opportunities for our medical teams.

A comprehensive care approach is also an integral part for medical excellence, many medical centers and specialty teams are in place for a holistic care. Cardiac center, cancer care center are among the few that are highly specialized with consolidate resources to provide patient with a one stop care environment.

In addition, stroke team, Da Vinci surgical team is among the many specialty teams created to provide prompt and specialized care.

Tungs’ hospital will continue to find ways to breakthrough, to innovate, and to become a health care partner you can trust.

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