President's message


Greeting from Superintendent San-Kan Lee, MD
“Maintaining a safe care environment has always been our top priority”

As a health care provider, we strongly believe in maintaining patient safety and reducing care associated risks. In order to excel in this area, we continue to advance in technologies and state-of-the-art facilities. Da Vinci surgical system, one of the most advanced minimally invasive surgical instruments, is also in place to provide patient with more surgical options. In addition to updating facility, we also focus heavily on building medical teams and centers including stroke center, AMI center to provide patient with timely and comprehensive cares, as well as organ transplant center to ensure patients have access to the complete medical services and consultation to recover from illness and to maintain a better quality of life, as of today, we’ve successfully completed more than 20 liver transplants, 8 live donor liver transplants under the partnership with tri-service general hospital, and 74 kidney transplants.


In addition, we also established cancer center and breast medical care center to meet the individual needs of cancer patients.

In order to become an international medical center, we strive to create seamless care for patients both locally and internationally, we also emphasize on advanced trainings and research efforts for each department. Starting in 2017, we’ve been providing trainings to medical personnel from South East Asian countries including Cambodia and Nepal focusing on critical and emergency care, dialysis care, and dental care. It is our goal to continue strengthen our training programs and to broaden the knowledge of our medical staff.

Each year, we embark on various accreditations including JCI accreditation, with a goal to strengthen our medical team and care quality, and to create an environment that is safe and reliable. Various aspects of patient safety including medication, fall prevention, infection control and cross function communication has been improved as a result of continuous participation of national and international accreditations, we believe with a clear goal in mind and with the participation of patients and families, we will be able to achieve the level of patient care and safety you can trust.

We encourage our staff and medical professionals to participate in different trainings as a part of individual growth; we also strive to create an environment that is convenient for patients and staff alike. We believe good work environment would further motivate our staff to provide the best care.

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