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International Medical Center

International Medical Center

A mission to respect life and promote health:

We believe the well-being of a patient could be achieved through multiple facets. In addition to treating diseases, we believe in helping patients to sustain a healthier life style, which could result in a better life quality.

A vision to become an internationally recognized medical center

In addition to serving the local community, we believe good health care should also be accessible to communities internationally. In order to create an environment people can trust, we continue to take part in the JCI accreditation, the higher standard set by JCI has helped us to become a better health care provider.

A vision to become an internationally recognized medical center has propelled us to strive for excellence, to innovate for better care, to work as a team for best care result.

A goal to be a trusted health care partner in the community, and be the training hub for future medical professionals

As a regional teaching hospital, we work closely to create rigorous training programs for medical professionals with an aim to treat more challenging disease. A believe in humanity prompt us to help patient battling illness with compassion. And we believe with a dedication and drive, we can become a trusted health care provider in the community.

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