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Premium Health Examination Center Premium Health Examination Center

A personalized, high quality examination plan designed to meet your health need

Formosa SOS Formosa SOS

A team of trauma specialists and registered nurse providing personalized and safe patient transfer wherever you are.

International cosmetic center International cosmetic center

A team of beauty experts provide you with thorough evaluation, and help you to choose the best treatments for your beauty needs.

International Medical Partnership Development Center International Medical Partnership Development Center

Established to provide personalized care for international patients, and professional personnel is available to answer your medical questions.

Imaging Center Imaging Center

Located on 3rd floor to provide some of the most advanced imaging services

PET/CT Center PET/CT Center

An open and warm space to ensure a comfortable examination environment

Cardiovascular Center Cardiovascular Center

Under the leadership of a renowned heart specialist Dr. Wei, and a team of cardiovascular professionals, we provide a service you can trust.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center

Hyperbaric center is dedicated to create a warm and pleasant space for your therapeutic treatment.

Minimally invasive center Minimally invasive center

Comprehensive evaluation is provided, and a personalized treatment plan to tailor to your surgical needs.

Reproductive Science Center Reproductive Science Center

Latest technology and research efforts to help you build a family of your own

Stomatology Department Stomatology Department

The center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable care environment for your oral health

Child Development Center Child Development Center

Provide comprehensive evaluation and early treatment for the developmental delay to improve the outcome and quality of life

Stroke Center Stroke Center

Stroke center was established to provide patient with comprehensive care including emergency care, education, diet and lifestyle consultation and post-recovery care.

Cancer Treatment Center Cancer Treatment Center

The center is established to consolidate medical resources and bring together medical teams to provide you with the best treatment options.

Tumor treatment center Tumor treatment center

A team of oncologists will guide you through every steps of the treatment to ensure you are receiving the optimal care and improve quality of life.

Breast medical center Breast medical center

We believe it’s important to create a private and comfortable care environment for your health needs. Advanced breast MRI for an accurate assessment

Hemodialysis Center Hemodialysis Center

A holistic care for dialysis patients provided by nephrologists and trained nurses to ensure safety and comfort

Rehabilitation Therapy Center Rehabilitation Therapy Center

Located in shalu campus, the center offers caring and compassionate service for your rehabilitation needs.

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