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Tumor treatment center is established in 2002 to provide a comprehensive cancer care. Service includes a comprehensive consultation with medical staffs from multiple departments and specialties to put together treatment plans that are suitable for your unique condition, and to provide information on the recovery and additional care.

◎The center is equipped with:

  • CT-simulator:
    The simulator is used to scan the tumor and to give physician an in depth view of the location and size of tumor.
  • Linear Accelerator:
    Linear accelerator can produce high energy photon and electron to help patient with the best cancer treatment for different locations.
  • Brachytherapy:
    One of the most advanced cancer treatment option; it is able to emit high dosage radiation therapy to precisely target the tumor site.
  • IMRT:
    IMRT is the most advanced tumor treatment available, the strength of radiation can be adjusted according to the location, depth of the tumor, which not only improve the curability and control, it also help to minimize the damage to surrounding tissues.

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