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    Top quality hemodialysis centers have been established in both the Wu Chi and Sha Lu branches. These centers have the most advanced devices and multifunctional hemodialysis systems, which are able to do liver dialysis, blood lipid cleaning, hemoperfusion, and hemofiltration. The most experienced medical teams are on hand to serve patients, using the nursing concept of “entire person, entire team and entire process”, and together they deliver excellent medical treatment.

Medical Team:

We invite experienced medical consultants and cooperate with them to provide Fresenius Medical Care Asia-Pacific Area quality hemodialysis. The center is staffed with professional medical personnel providing services, such as self-care training, hygiene education and 24-hour telephone consultation.

Service Items:

We supply the patients undergoing renal dialysis, as well as their attending family members, with television, health books, magazines, and soothing music, so as to create an environment that is relaxing, comfortable and reassuring.

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