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Department of Pulmonary Medicine


◎cold, cough, chest tightness, chest pain, breathing difficulty.
◎pulmonary infectious disease: pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and tuberculosis.
◎pulmonary tumor: lung cancer and other benign or malignant tumor treatment, pulmonary tumor screening and consultation.

(include a multidisciplinary team for lung cancer)
◎respiratory track disease: asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory diseases caused by smoking.
◎pneumoconiosis, occupational pulmonary disease, and pneumothorax.
◎ pleural inflammation, pleural effusion, malignant pleural tumor.
◎removal of foreign body in the respiratory track, bronchoscope, and lung capacity measurement.
◎respiratory treatment: pulmonary rehabilitation, steam and medication inhale treatment, fitness and exercise therapy, home respiratory care instruction.
◎chronic or acute respiratory failure, instruction of respirator uses.
  Sputum examination, chest x-ray, chest CT scan, chest MRI.
Chest ultrasound: guidance of pleural effusion extraction, or pleural biopsy, pleural treatment of subretinal fluid, or chest tube drainage.
Allergen examination: blood test for common allergens of asthma, allergic rhinitis, and dermatitis.
◎Bronchoscope: unknown chronic cough, cough up blood and lung cancer examination through different phases.
Lung function test: pulmonary ventilation, lung volume, diffusion capacity, bronchodilator test. Utilize automatic bronchial stimulation test, this can quickly test how respiratory track react to the stimulation of allergens and level of response, and diagnose asthma.
◎Bronchoscopy:process slice, brush, print and photograph through bronchoscopy, as well as foreign object removal and conduct treatment.
◎Color Doppler sonography:diagnostic pleural effusion extraction, peripheral lung biopsy and extraction, pleural effusion drainage tube incision.
Outstanding performance:

1.Honored by the health authorities to execute “trial of the improvement plan for the payment of asthma medical treatment ” and “trial of the tuberculosis treatment” and offer the smoking cessation clinics.
  2.Become the qualified “pulmonary acute care” sub-specialty teaching hospital in 2006.

Dr. Ping-Tsun Lai
  Asthma, chest tightness, cough, chronic cough, hemoptysis, and respiratory diseases.
Dr. Chin-Hung Tsai
  General pulmonary diagnosis and treatment, asthma, chronic respiratory tract diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung infections, critical care medicine, as well as lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Dr. Chi-Der Chiang
  Early diagnosis of lung cancer, asthma, chest tightness, cough, chronic cough, hemoptysis, and respiratory diseases.
Dr. Yun-Chiu Yang
  Lung tumor, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, pulmonary infection, and chronic respiratory care.
Dr. Ya-Chiung Chu
  Internal Medicine, asthma, chest tightness, cough, hemoptysis, respiratory failure, lung tumor, outpatient smoking cessation, and respiratory diseases.
Dr. Ming-Chang Yin
  Pulmonary diseases, respiratory tract infection, asthma, tuberculosis, and critical care medicine.
Dr. Fang-Chuan Tai
  Pulmonary medicine and critical care, lung cancer, general internal
medicine, hyperbaric medicine.

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