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Department of Infectious Diseases

Service Content:
  Fever, respiratory track infection, cellulitis and other soft tissue infection, bacteria infection, virus infection, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases, bacteria or virus infectious diseases.

Dr. Chih-Ming Chen
  Care for general infectious disease (pneumonia, urinary tract infection, abdominal infection, cellulitis, and bone and joint infection), sexually transmitted disease (syphilis, Gonorrhea), AIDS care, Opportunistic infections, Molecular Epidemiology of drug-resistant strains.
Dr. Chia-Hui Kao
  Fever in children, cold, Preventive Medicine (vaccination and consultation), infectious diseases in infant and children (upper respiratory infection, digestive system infection, urinary tract infection, acute tonsillitis, otitis media), acute bronchitis,
Dr. Chih-Chuan Kao
  Fever, respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, cellulitis
Dr. Kuo-Hsi Lin
  Fever, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, cellulitis, other infectious diseases.

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