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Department of Nuclear Medicine


The department of nuclear medicine is located on the B3 with spacious treatment room and waiting area, as well as the most advanced equipments include the most advanced and the only “Gamma flash camera” in Taiwan. Furthermore, the “PET center” was established in December 2007, with the assistance of PET and CT, we are able to detect and locate tumor with accuracy that is higher than average, and is able to identify the existence of cancerous tumor. Thus, this provides physicians with accurate imaging information to perform a better diagnosis. The department of nuclear medicine dedicates its excellent team and resources to provide the best and most accurate health examination services.

1.Bone scan: bone tumor, tumor transfer, infection or fracture.
2.Heart scan: heart injury or heart function.
3.Lung scan: pulmonary embolism or lung function.
4.Biliary scan: acute cholecystitis.
5.Digestive system scan: Gastroesophageal reflux, gastrointestinal bleeding, and Meckel´s diverticulum.
6.Thyroid gland imaging and scan: hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer.
7.Brain scan: stork or Alzheimer’s disease.
8.Renal scan: Glomerular filtration rate, renal hypertension, urinary track obstruction, genetic deformity, and Renal parenchymal disease.
9.Other examination: such as liver, spleen, and salivary gland scan, in order to assist with the diagnosis and tracking of diseases.
10.Isotope treatment: hyperthyroidism or the treatment of thyroid gland cancer.

PET services
1.Whole body PET scan.
2.Heart PET scan
3.Brain PET scan

Dr. Xi-Zhong Guo
  Nuclear Medicine, positron emission tomography, imaging scans, and treatment plans.
Wei Da Chang
  Nuclear Medicine, positron emission tomography, imaging scans, and treatment plans.

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