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Department of Plastic Surgery

  Tungs’ hospital is located in a relatively remote area where people don’t have access to good medical services; thus, in order to provide the community with a more complete range of services, tungs’ hospital has expanded from general surgery to include a complete cosmetic surgery. In February 2004, under the leadership of Dr. Tsai, we established the first burn center in central Taiwan to care for needed patients.
  With Dr. Tsai joining the cosmetic surgery team, whom is also the director of burn center, we are able to provide patients with more medical expertise and services. There are three sub-specialties under cosmetic surgery: International cosmetic center, hyperbaric center and burn center.
The department of cosmetic surgery is currently equipped with 42 beds, and 10 beds at the burn center, which equipped with individual operating theatre, hydro therapy room, and play ground, as well as a central monitor system to ensure the patients’ condition, each room is also equipped with its own crash cart, bathroom, as well as a communication system that enable the family to visit patient, and a flat screen TV.
The department of cosmetic surgery operate more than 2000 surgeries each year including outpatient surgery, hand surgery, oncology surgery, burn reconstruction, skin grafting, micro-reconstructive surgery, neck, face or oral cavity tumor surgery, cosmetic surgery and Surgical correction of any congenital deformities, wound reconstruction, and facial damage. We not only provide regular clinical services, education, teaching and discussion cession, we also invite foreign guest speakers to share their expertise and experiences with us.
State-of-the-art equipments:
  1.Cutting edge laser devices
2.Advanced burn center devices.
3.Surgical microscope.
4.Hyperbaric chamber
5.General cosmetic surgery devices.
6.Breast augmentation endoscopic.

Dr. Yuh-Chyuang Tsai
  General plastic surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, vascular and soft-tissue tumors, burn injury, and laser treatment.
Dr. Chung-Chyi Tarng
  Wound and trauma care for acute burn cases, cranial and facial surgery, chronic wound skin flap reconstruction and skin graft, care for acute hand trauma, surgical treatment for chronic problem, bed ulcer and diabetic foot care, radical surgical treatment for Paronychia, and cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Chien-Chih Yu
  Burn injury, craniofacial reconstruction, Hand Surgery, breast reconstruction, Cosmetic Surgery (eyelid surgery, endoscopic breast augmentation, facelift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, rhinoplasty, Botox and Hyaluronan injection), and skin tumor.
Dr. Shi-Yi Chen
  Skin and soft tissue tumor, facial fracture, head, neck, cranial and facial reconstruction, general surgery, burn care, breast reconstruction, the reconstruction of difficult wound, micro plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery (double eye lids, eye
bag, Korean style rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction and fat transplantation, fat transfer breast augmentation, facial lift and abdominal lifting (dermolipectomia).
Dr. Ming-Jong Cheng
  Eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty), liposuction, breast augmentation, scar reconstruction, surgery, and skin cancer surgery.
Dr. Tzu-Peng Lee
  Hand trauma and variety of hand diseases, difficult wound reconstruction, variety cosmetic surgeries.

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