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Department of Colorectal Surgery

  Gastrointestinal disease includes the following areas: colon, rectal, anal and diseases around buttock area. The gastrointestinal surgery association has been established in the US since early 19th century, and has since been an independent department. With the need for special training to prevent, diagnose and treat gastrointestinal diseases, several teaching hospitals in Taiwan has established gastrointestinal surgery nearly 20 years ago, and also conducted advanced training systems from countries like the US in order to sharpen physician’s knowledge and skill. Tungs’ hospital established the department of gastrointestinal surgery in 2002 as well as recruited some of the most talented surgeons in the nation to treat bowel related diseases. As a regional teaching hospital, we offer the medical services that meet the standard of medical centers, which further illustrate the quality and dedication of our hospital.
Symptom reference:
  Bloody stool, anal pain and swelling, constipation, diarrhea, irregular bowel movement, bowel incontinence, rectal prolapse, external hemorrhoids, anal fistula, colon cancer, and anorectal cancer.
  ◎Anoscopy examination
◎Outpatient rectal sigmoidoscopy
◎Painless colonscopy
◎Hemorrhage radical surgery
◎Painless ring hemorrhoid surgery.
◎Colon cancer and rectal cancer surgery
◎Rectovaginal fistula surgery
◎Anal fistula and abscess surgery
◎Chronic ulcerative colitis and genetic reoccurrence colon polyp surgery.
◎Colon and rectal polyp surgery through colonscope or proctoscope.
◎Recto-vaginal prolapse surgery
◎Radical surgery for chronic anal fissure
◎Anal stenosis surgery
◎Soft warts or tumor recession
◎Laparoscopic colorectal surgery
◎Stool imaging
◎Anal functionality examination
◎Rectal ultrasound
◎Anal pressure test
◎Constipation surgical treatment
◎Anal incontinence surgical treatment
◎Rectal prolapse or rectal prolapse surgery
◎Artificial fistula surgery

Dr. Ying-Tse Chang
  Colorectal cancer, anal cancer, internal and external hemorrhoid, anal abscess, atypical colitis with fistula, colonoscopy, colonoscopic polypectomy, laparoscopic colorectal surgery, constipation, diarrhea, and encopresis.
Dr. Hong-Zhe Huang
  Bloody stool, Hemorrhoids, Fistula, colon and rectal cancer.

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