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Department of Pediatrics Surgery

Tungs’ hospital established the fist pediatric surgery in the coastal area of central Taichung in November 2008. The department of pediatric surgery offer services to newborn, neonatal, children, and teenagers under the age of 18, due to the different physiological structure and the disease characters, the care for pediatric patients (diseases, prior-surgery and post-surgery care) should be done by professional pediatricians since the care approach differs largely from adult care. The department of pediatric surgery includes a broad range of services including general pediatric surgery, pediatric digestive surgery, pediatric pulmonary surgery, pediatric cosmetic surgery, pediatric gynecology, and pediatric urology.

Torticollis for patient under the age of 18, esophagus closure, collapse chest, hernia, phimosis, hydrocele, Cryptorchidism, Hypospadias, megacolon, colon polyp, skin disease, pediatric malignant tumor, neonatal surgery.

Dr. Min-Yung Kuo
  Da Vinci Robotic Assisted surgery、Patients under 18 years of age requiring neonatal surgeries, as well as surgical treatments for diseases of general surgery, thoracic, abdominal, digestive system, colorectal, urinary and endocrinology system. These include torticollis, esophageal atresia

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