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Department of Dermatology

  The department of dermatology is located on the second floor, and is equipped with clinic area, skin care area, laser area, UV ray area and wait area, all services are provided by professional physicians and nurses who are specialized in skin care.
  Skin pores, dark spots, age spots, freckle, mole, white spots, skin allergy, hair loss, corn, wart, eczema, heat rash, hives, keloid, atopic dermatitis, athlete foot, hand dermatitis, skin ringworm, scabies, herpes, nail disease and skin tumor.

Skin care services:


Chemical peel, and ultrasonic vitamin C whitening induction.
We also carry a broad range of skin care products for a great care of your skin.

Cosmetic laserr:
  Laser spot remover, mole remover, wrinkle remover, skin peel, and permanent hair removal.
Cutting edge equipments:
  Ruby laser, Pulsed laser rejuvenation light therapy, erbium laser, skin laser, hair removal laser, whole body UV ray, local UV ray, hand and foot UV ray.

Dr. Chung-Chu Ning
  Acne, dark spot, age spot, freckles, moles, baldness, Cosmetic Medicine, AHA chemical peels, skin whitening, cosmetic laser treatment, athlete’s foot, tinea, herpes, herpes zoster, nail diseases, eczema, and allergy.
Dr. Chun-Liang Lee
  General skin diseases, acne, pigmented spots, leukoderma, herpes zoster, skin tinea, allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, Cosmetic Medicine, laser and beauty consulting services, and AHA chemical peels.

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