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Department of Dentistry

  The department of dentistry has 6 primary physicians, 1 part-time primary physician, 2 residents, other than general dental treatments, each physician possess sub-specialty to be able to offer a broad range of services including oral cavity dental disease, function and appearances rehabilitation, furthermore, the department of dentistry is equipped with the most advanced implant machine, root canal machine, X ray machine, teeth whitening, rapid correction to provide a better medical quality.
  Gum disease, teeth correction, pediatric dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial, facial fracture, teeth implementation, missing teeth, cavity, pulp, filling, occlusal reconstruction and teeth whitening.
Introduction to subspecialty
Pediatric dentistry and psychological disorder
Preventative care and fluoride treatment.
Toothache, bore rehabilitation for sever cavity.
Special clinic for psychological disorders.
Oral and Maxillofacial surgery Surgical treatment for impacted teeth,  residual tooth roots, difficult extraction.
Odontogenic maxillofacial infections and cellulites.
Oral mucosal lesion: including sub-mucosal fibrosis, Lichen planus and ulcer.
Surgery for Maxillofacial bone abnormalities.
Surgery for maxillofacial cyst and tumor.
Teeth implantation and maxillofacial reconstruction surgery.
Salivary gland disease.
Trigeminal neuralgia.
Temporomandibular joint disorders.
Temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome.
Pain, restrain and joint clicks.
Unknown facial pain or toothache.
Neck muscle pain
Root canal Pulp sensitive, exposed, pulp inflammation caused by sever cavity.
Pulp inflammation or damage caused by gum disease.
Periapical lesions and pain caused by incomplete root canal treatment.
Pulp inflammation or damage cause by trauma, pulp exposure caused by tooth fracture.
Periapical cyst, Absces, Surgical and non Surgical treatment on
Assessment and treatment on remained root
Family Dentistry General oral diseases examination
Gum disease Assessment and treatment on various gum diseases
Sensitive tooth, Gingival recession, root exposure, loose tooth, bad breath
Dental calculus removal, root planning, gum disease surgical treatment.
Periodontal plastic surgery: Gingivectomy, Alveolar ridge augmentation, Periodontal guided tissue regeneration.
Dental implant (surgical part)
Dentures service Denture service: braces, bridge, partial removable dentures, and complete dentures.
Tooth whitening.
Dental implant (denture development)
Complete teeth reconstruction due to diseases or accidents.
Orthodontics Dentition crowded, teeth misalignment (Malocclusion), Diastema, tilted teeth or ectopic teeth
Early correction of Maxillofacial developmental abnormality
Pre-surgery correction preparation for Maxillofacial developmental abnormality
Equipment and environment
Treatment room With 8 individual treatment room, where the design is bright, spacious and comfortable in order to provide the best environment possible so the uncomfortable and tension could be eased.
X-ray equipment Digitized equipment, so the image could be uploaded to the computer to coffer physician the first-hand data.
Front desk Advanced and digitized equipment in combination with imaging system and calling system.
Technician room Well-equipped technician room to provide physicians and assistants the required training to provide the best technician services.
Surgical equipments Tooth implantation machine, ultrasonic bone cutter, dentistry laser, serum and plasma separator.
Discussion room The discussion room is equipped with complete computer device, imaging system so the information could be retrieved right away when needed to provide the best clinical education and training. Furthermore, you can find a complete collection of dentistry related books for reading and discussion. It also offers Intraoral digital cameras, extraoral digital cameras, Dental mouth, external digital cameras and so on.



Dr. Lian Gji Huang
  Gum disease, tooth implant, root canal, filling and dentures, Occlusal reconstruction
Dr. Tsung-Wu Li
  Tooth loss, dental implant, denture, occlusion reconstruction, removable partial denture, and prosthodontic denture.
Dr. Tsen-Wei Lin
  Facial and orthognathic surgery, facial bone fracture, dental implant, oral mucosal disease, and periodontitis.
Dr. Huo-Lin Wu
Dr. Kun-Tse Chan
  Orthodontics, occlusion reconstruction, and general dentistry
Dr. Ming-Tang You
  Root canal, teeth whitening, dental implant, complete or partial removable denture, and occlusion reconstruction.
Dr. Ren-Xuan Chen
  Corrective jaw surgery, facial fracture, dental implant, oral mucosal disease, gum disease.
Dr. Mu-Chieh Fu
  Full mouth reconstruction, prosthesis, dental implant prosthesis,
prosthesis after oral surgery.

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