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Department of Rehabilitation


With the ever-changing environment and long working hours, one often overlooks the health issues stress might bring you. Most of the time, people associate rehabilitation with health issues such as stroke, however, rehabilitation does more than treating specific diseases, it also helps to improve our health in so many ways that might surprise you, whether its for early childhood development or geriatric therapy, any physical soreness or pain to speech therapy. The department of rehabilitation located in the Shalu campus, and the excellent medical team consists of four well-experienced primary physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, language therapist, and professional nurses to provide the best therapeutic treatments, not only do we offer the best medical team, we also provide patients with a comfortable environment for receiving treatment, it’s our mission to serve the community with the best quality medical services.

Medical team:

Complete and professional therapy services provided by rehabilitation physicians and therapists including physical, occupational, language therapy and sport medicine. Services are offered through outpatients, inpatients, and rehabilitation therapy.

1. Physical therapy: cerebral vascular accident, spine injury, peripheral neuro function damage, head trauma, reconstruction after trauma surgery, cerebral paralysis, amputation, neck/lower back syndrome, frozen shoulder, facial paralysis, joints and tendonitis, fracture and other orthopedic rehabilitation, sprain and contusion, sports injuries, other neurological diseases, soft tissue and joint lesions, pulmonary rehabilitation, polio, and pediatric early rehabilitation.
2. Occupational therapy: neurological and physical, muscle and skeleton, cardiopulmonary bypass and other diseases or injuries, spinal lesion, developmental delay, early treatment, torticollis, down’s syndrome, stroke, semi-paralysis, and complete paralysis.
3. Language therapy: Aphasia, articulation disorder, abnormal sound, stuttering, language developmental delay, brain paralysis, cleft lip and hearing lost.
4.  Pediatric rehabilitation therapy (age 0~12)
  We care for bedridden children who needs special care in order to prevent joint tightening and other complications, to provide stimulus in order to maintain the conscious level and living quality.
  For children with movement dysfunction, we work on stimulating movements, strengthen muscle power, and to education patients on day-to-day functions.
  For patients with cognitive deficiencies and mental retardation, we provide cognitive training to promote understanding to the environment and daily life.we also offer sufficient equipments necessarily for movement therapy.
5. Electric therapy, hydro therapy, sport therapy, occupation therapy, language therapy, sensory integration, pediatric therapy, hand function training, training in daily living, and stand implementation.

Dr. Kun-Lin Wu
  Bone spurs, numbness in extremities, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, sport injury, stroke rehabilitation, and spinal cord injury rehabilitation.
Dr. Wen-Hsien Lin
  Pediatric rehabilitation (including developmental delay, cerebral palsy, autism, speech disorder, down syndrome, spina bifida, and sensory integration dysfunction), spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation, neck and back pain,
Dr. Yu-Jing Chen
  Stroke damage, spinal cord injury, neck and back pain, and rehabilitation for children.
Dr. Chih-Hung Tseng
  Rehabilitation for stroke, traumatic brain injury, children, spinal cord injury and joint injury rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and ultrasound examination.

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