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Emergency Center

The department of emergency center provides 24 hours medical services to acute or critical patients in order to be able to offer first-hand medical support. The emergency center is well equipped with internal medicine, surgery and pediatric treatment areas, X ray room, and CT room, bio-laboratory, observation room and operating theater, so the best medical care can be offered to patients. After the establishment of two major highways, the role our emergency center plays has become ever important.
■Space and equipment:
1.Helicopter pad.
2.Surgical area for emergency.
3.Designated radiology and laboratory.
4.Designated registration, cashier, social worker and medical treatment area.
急診緊急入口   專屬救護區   觀察區
檢驗室   小兒急診區   藥局
‧Emergency only ultrasound, CT, MRI and X-ray.

‧The Tungs’ hospital is being certified as the medical center for critical disasters.
not only do we routinely conduct trainings, we also offer trainings to corporation to raise the awareness in case of emergency.

‧In 2002, Tungs’ hospital is appointed by the department of health the “Taichung County Poison and disaster medical decontamination and personal protective equipment hospital”, Tungs’ hospital is responsible to establish the poison and disaster rescue system under the supervision of the ministry of health in order to provide training to medical professionals to be able to offer poisoned patients the correct diagnosis, treatment, as well as the laboratory capability.

■Designated helicopter pad
‧Tungs’ hospital established the only helicopter pad for air rescue in central Taiwan, as well as designated elevators, rescue areas, patients are able to reach operating theater, intensive care unit and emergency center within 1 minute.




Dr. Li-Hua Lu
  Trauma rescue, Acute Care Surgery, Air Medicine and air emergency medical rescue.
Dr. Choa-Hsin Wu
  emergency medicine, internal medicine
Dr. Ming-Sheng Lin
  Trauma rescue, Acute Care Surgery, emergency treatment, bone fracture and orthopedic trauma care.
Dr. An-Ming Ku
  Acute and Critical Care Surgery.
Dr. Suan-Hung Yu
  Critical Care Medicine, and medical air evacuation.
Dr. Yi-Lun Cai
  General Critical Care Medicine.
Dr. Chao-Jie Lin
  Acute and Critical Care Medicine/Surgery.
Dr. Kai-Li Wang
  Acute Pediatric Care, gastrointestinal vaccination for children, General Pediatrics, and Emergency Medicine.
Dr. Chih-Chen Taso
  Acute and Critical Care, trauma treatment, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Dr. Yi-Shian Chu
  Cardiac critical care, open-heart surgery, extra corporeal membrane care, and intravenous tumor injection treatment.
Dr. Yung-Wei Chiu
  Caisson disease, chronic wound problems, Carbon monoxide poisoning, Refractory osteomyelitis, chronic brain injury, sudden deafness, cancer radiation damage, and diabetic foot.
Dr. Wen-Sung Chao
  Emergency Medicine
Dr.Che-Jen Wang
  Emergency care, critical care.
Dr. Shi-Dian Wang
  Emergency care for internal medicine and surgery.
Dr. Chi-Chih Lin
  Emergency internal medicine, pulmonary critical care.
Dr.Yi-Jun Lin
  Emergency medicine: internal medicine and surgery
Dr. Jia-Min Zhong
  Emergency medicine: internal medicine and surgery

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